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Disembarkation procedures - useful information

Our mission at MSC Cruises is to do everything we can to make your holiday as relaxing as possible from the moment you book it to the moment you disembark your ship.

Embarkation on cruise ship


Certain disembarkation formalities and procedures are envisaged for the end of the cruise. The day before disembarking, all necessary information will be printed on the Programme for the Day. The Cruise Director and his staff will thoroughly explain how to accomplish these tasks simply and rapidly. We have planned a specific order of disembarkation to facilitate those passengers who have other connections to make. At the end of the cruise, the Customs and Immigration officials will come onboard to authorise disembarkation.

In compliance with customs regulations, all baggage must be removed from the ship before disembarkation. This is done as quickly as possible, and the baggage may be collected in the customs hall of the port. The day before disembarking we will leave colored labels, to be affixed to your luggage, in your room. These labels must be filled in with your data (name and address) and affixed to your luggage, which must be left outside your cabin the night before disembarkation. The luggage will be collected, stored safely and taken off the ship on arrival. It will be put through regular customs checks, where the relevant authorities may ask you to open it. We suggest you place all documents and valuables in your hand luggage.