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Northern Europe

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The United Arab Emirates

A unique exploration of modern luxury and natural wonders
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Cruise Destinations - What a wonderful world!

MSC Cruises offers a wide range of destinations and itineraries from charming Mediterranean and the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Europe to sun-soaked Caribbean beaches, lively North America metropolis, vibrant South America countries and South Africa spectacular sunsets. You can also enjoy the unique exploration of moder luxury and natural wonders to The Arabian Peninsula. For pure romance and relaxation why not choose an MSC Cruises' grand voyage? You will wake to the gentle lapping of the waves, bask on the deck in the sun's warm embrace or gaze in wonder at the night sky while the timeless allure of the sea will gradually work its subtle magic on you.


MSC Cruises itineraries mix classic destinations with some unexpected gems, offering the very best of Mediterranean.
Cruise to Northern Europe destination with MSC Cruises Australia
The long summer days and the unique quality of the light in Northern Europe make for an original and unforgettable cruise experience.