MSC Cruises’ South America cruise – a ‘fiesta’ fun!

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has a wealth of riches to offer the traveller - from history and wildlife to culture and music. The carnival city of Rio de Janiero, home to the Olympic Games, is worth taking a trip aboard an MSC South American cruise! Whatever your passions and interests, our South America cruises offer a great way to celebrate spring in style!

A discovery voyage of Latin American culture awaits you, offering up spectacular South American landscapes, tropical forestry, glistening beaches and a sampling of this continent’s famous party culture. February is carnival time in South America, prime time for our special South American cruise deals. Join the vibrant celebrations and give into the fun of the fiesta!

Experience the tropical paradises of Brazil, walk along Arrajal's beaches and dance to the music of Rio de Janeiro, because it's always party-time on our luxury South American cruises! Be seduced by stunning architecture in Salvador de Bahia, daydream on the legendary beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.


Cruise to Buenos Aires - Argentina - South America - MSC Cruises Australia
Buenos Aires - the wealthiest city in South America, is also rich in culture, music and the arts.
Cruise to Salvador da Bahia - Brazil - South America - MSC Cruises Australia
Salvador da Bahia - the 'capital of happiness', is a fabulous city and a great vacation destination.