MSC PREZIOSA: An elegant new masterpiece in cruise ship design

MSC DIVINA: The new jewel of the fleet

MSC SPLENDIDA: A taste of ‘la bella vita’

MSC FANTASIA: First in its Class

MSC MAGNIFICA: An invitation to magnificence

MSC POESIA: An ode to luxury

MSC ORCHESTRA: Music to your ears

MSC MUSICA: Not one false note!

MSC OPERA: A masterpiece on the seas

MSC ARMONIA: Holiday in harmony

MSC SINFONIA: An Italian masterpiece

MSC LIRICA: An expression of Italian elegance

MSC MERAVIGLIA: The Wonder of the Seas
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The most modern fleet in the world*

Travel, magic, escape, relaxation… the pleasure of cruising with the most modern and luxurious fleet in the world. We pride ourselves on Italian style, exceptional comfort, warm hospitality and strong environmental credentials. The journey is the destination.

* Fleets of four ships or more.



The Voyage Planning & Monitoring System is a 'track and trace' system used for planning and monitoring positions and itineraries of the MSC fleet in real time with updates as frequent as every two seconds.

MSC Yacht Club - Exclusivity & Privacy in a World of Choice

Cruises on MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia all offer the exclusive MSC Yacht Club Class. Enjoy the award winning 1st class on the seas with MSC Cruises