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A perfect holiday together

There's nothing more romantic than setting sail with someone special on an MSC cruise. Pamper yourself with a couples massage in our MSC Aurea Spa, take a drink and relax by the pool, savour a romantic dinner together and dance under the stars. With MSC Cruises your holiday together will simply be perfect.
Romantic destinations for two with MSC Cruises Australia

Romantic Destinations

With hundreds of romantic destinations to choose from, MSC Cruises takes you and your special someone almost anywhere. From the beautiful and wild South Africa to the charming Europe or the sunny Caribbean, we've got everything you need for a romantic getaway - white beaches, ancient ruins and enchanting sunsets over the ocean.
Couples enjoy romantic shore excursions - MSC Cruises Australia

Romantic Excursions

With MSC Cruises every day is a day of discoveries: beaches, islands, fjords, mountains, major capitals, picturesque villages, museums, monuments and much more. Discover the world with our excursion packages and take home beautiful memories.
A Caribbean paradise for two - MSC Cruises Australia

Caribbean paradise

Caribbean is one of the word's most romantic destinations, thanks to its unspoilt tropical beauty, blue skies, golden beaches and crystal clear water. While exotic flora and fauna, the laidback attitude of the locals and the colourful nightlife will make your holiday together really unforgettable.
MSC Cruises Australia in the Mediterranean - Perfect for couples

Charming Mediterranean

Discover the architectural and historic beauty of Venice, Athens or Rhodes, enjoy the golden beaches of France or Tunisia or dance the night away in Ibiza. Choose an MSC Mediterranean cruise and bring home memories that will last forever.
Romantic Northern Europe cruise destinations - MSC Cruises Australia

Amazing Northern Europe

Choosing to take a cruise around Northern Europe means asking for something new and very different for your holiday together. This destination remains unique for the freshness of its natural landscapes and the rustic charms of its fishermen and reindeer breeders. Yet it is also known for its modern cities and imperial capitals. Northern Europe reveals its hidden treasures when you travel with MSC Cruises.

Romantic ceremonies on board

Sail with MSC Cruises: the perfect way to deliver your romantic surprises, celebrate your anniversaries and hold the most memorable receptions for family and friends. Discover more.
MSC Cruises Australia - a Romantic retreat for two

A romantic retreat with sea view

Relax in the comfort and elegance of MSC Cruises’ cabins and suites. And for a romantic touch we offer private balconies where you can enjoy an intimate drink at sunset or a delicious breakfast while the sun rises from the ocean.
Romantic dining on MSC Cruises Australia Restaurants

Fine Dining

From exquisite Italian specialities, handmade ice cream and real espresso coffee to the finest international cuisine, the restaurants on each MSC Cruises ship offer a huge choice of dishes - and décors - to suit every taste. And there's always an expert member of staff on hand to recommend a special dish and the ideal wine to accompay it.
Couples relaxing in MSC Aurea Spa - MSC Cruises Australia

MSC Aurea Spa

Beauty, inner peace and well being come from within. But in modern life it’s easy to forget such things, overshadowed as they are by daily stressed and strains. MSC wellness centres help you ease away your cares blending the magic of Balinese massage with the tradition of therapeutic waters inherited from the ancient Romans. After your visit you’ll be renewed and refreshed, your sense of well being restored; your mind and body reinvigorated; ready to make the most of your cruise.
MSC Romance Packages - An extra touch for couples - MSC Cruises Australia

Lovebirds Packages

Add some extra indulgence to your holiday and treat yourself with MSC Romance Packages. We'll add a touch of love to any cabin or suite with fresh fruit, elegant canapé trays, champagne and more. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.
MSC Cruises Australia - Exclusive Luxury

A world of exclusive luxury

MSC Cruises has always enjoyed an enviable reputation for superlative service and comfort but MSC Yacht Club raises to an entirely new level. So, why not choose this unique concept in elite cruising for a truly memorable holiday with your special someone?
MSC Yacht Club - All attentions for you - MSC Cruises Australia

Everything is yours to enjoy

MSC Yacht Club is dedicated to making every aspect of your cruise a pleasure in every way, get pampered at all hours by a supremely attentive classic butler service. Enhancing the experience, everything on board is yours to enjoy and included in your many privileges as MSC Yacht Club guests.
Exclusive luxury suites on MSC Yacht Club - MSC Cruises Australia

Exclusive suites

Every sumptuous suite in the MSC Yacht Club features a private balcony or a panoramic window with breathtaking views. Masterpieces of Italian style created by the renowned De Jorio Design International, MSC Yacht Club suites offer uncompromizing luxury with a wealth of exclusive features.
Exclusive SPA assistance - MSC Cruises Australia

Exclusive Spa

The MSC Yacht Club offers direct private lift to the MSC Aurea Spa. Your butler can assist with priority reservations for a wide range of exclusive wellness, beauty and massage treatments throughout the day.
Sun Deck and Pool Bar - MSC Cruises Australia

Sun Deck and Pool Bar

Sun lounger in place, towel at hand, book and cocktail within easy reach. Soak up the sun from the comfortable poolside seating area with a pool bar stocking all the drinks and snacks you need for an afternoon of pure relaxation.
Casino and Nightlife - MSC Cruises Australia

Casino and Nightlife

Enjoy a game of Roulette at the casino or try your hand at the popular ‘Trente et Quarante’. Have fun with Poker, Black Jack and on slot machines, all in chic surroundings, or choose to dance ‘til dawn in our fashionable nightclubs.
Theatre and Shows - MSC Cruises Australia

Theatre and Shows

Where originality meets talent; a dazzling circus extravaganza and a never-before-seen dancing on ice show. A breathtaking illusionist and a night of operatic arias. Ease into our 1600-seater theatre for the old-time charm of a Broadway show.
Sports amenities - MSC Cruises Australia

Sport amenities

Onboard MSC Cruises sports amenities are equally extensive, with tennis, squash and basketball courts, shuffleboard, a jogging track and four swimming pools, including the amazing.
F1 Simulator - MSC Cruises Australia

Formula 1 simulator (onboard MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, MSC Divina and MSC Preziosa)

Climb into a racing car to experience the adrenaline rush of travelling at high speed. This state-of-the-art simulator perfectly reproduces driving conditions in one of the fastest cars in the world! The flash of the green light, the pit stop, overtaking a rival and the chequered flag awaits as you experience all the excitement of the Grand Prix.