MSC Euribia is your gateway to North Europe

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Get ready to cruise with MSC Euribia, the first ship in our pioneering new Meraviglia LNG class.

Take the opportunity to set sail on this unique ship on an extraordinary voyage from Hamburg (Germany) to see the precious gems of Northern Europe, including Rotterdam to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Zeebrugge to Bruges and Brussels (Belgium), Le Havre to Paris (France) and Southampton to London (UK).

And in January 2024 discover rich cultural sites and stunning marvels sailing on a 21-night unique itinerary through Portugal, Spain, Morocco and the Canary Islands.


MSC Euribia is also empowered with striking new features, original works of art and for the first time, the hull itself is a visual masterpiece, entitled #SaveTheSea.

Enjoy relaxation, dining and entertainment options available on this masterpiece of a ship.

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