Nansha Guangzhou Cruise

Art and nature in Baomo and Qinghui Gardens

The 19 buildings of the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Touching the sky on the tall Canton Tower 

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Between modern and ancient

An MSC Cruise will guide you to discover China's hidden gems. Guangzhou is located in the south of the Country. Also known as Canton, this city lies on the delta of the Pearl River and, although it dates back to over 2.000 thousand years ago, today it's considered one of the most modern Chinese large cities.

Take a walk along the chaotic Beijing Lu pedestrian street, where, protected by glass, you can see the remains of the ancient Song dynasty (960-1279 AD).
With an excursion you can visit the Baomo and Qinghui Gardens. Baomo Garden is located in the village of Zini: built during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 AD), the complex occupies about 100,000 square meters with a rich vegetation, streams and dozens of stone bridges and ceramic, stone and wooden sculptures.
Qinghui Garden, on the other hand, is located in the Shunde district of Foshan. It's one of the four most important gardens of the Qing dynasty. It's structured in the typical Lingnan style, and was Huang Jun’s residence during the Ming dynasty. At first, it covered an area of 7.000 square meters, but from 1966 onwards the surface was increased to 22.000 square meters to accommodate the great amount of tourists. 
The garden is rich in woods and streams, crossed by small bridges.
The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, or Guangdong Folk Art Museum, is located in the oldest part of the city of Guangzhou and it can be reached with an excursion. Commissioned by the 72 clans of the Chen family, it took twenty years to build it. Inaugurated in 1895, it is an academic temple consisting of 19 buildings with masterfully decorated roofs. 
The Canton Tower, or Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, is 5957 meters high. The second highest building in China after the Shanghai Tower, it can be visited with an excursion. Built as an observation tower, it was used during the 2010 Asian Games.

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    A nation on the march
    A nation on the march

    A cruise to China offers a phenomenal to discover China, a splendidly diverse country in its geographic, ethnic, culinary and social make-up.

    Developing at a rate unmatched in human history, already huge cities are adding sprawling suburbs and cutting-edge architecture on a day-by-day basis, even as an ever-expanding web of high-speed rail ties the country together. Nevertheless, this apparent modernity is based on a civilization that has remained intact, continually recycling itself, for over four millennia. 

    Indeed, it is the tension and contrasts between change and continuity that make modern China so fascinating. Dominating China’s east coast near the mouth of the Yangzi, Shanghai is the mainland’s most Westernized city, a booming port where the Art Deco monuments of the old European-built Bund – the riverside business centre – rub shoulders with a hyper-modern metropolis, crowned with two of the world’s tallest skyscrapers

    It’s interesting to contrast Shanghai’s cityscape with that of rival business hub Hong Kong’s south coast. With its colonial heritage and refreshingly cosmopolitan outlook, there’s almost nothing Hong Kong cannot offer to an MSC Grand Voyages cruiser in the way of tourist facilities, from fine beaches to great eating and drinking.