Booking terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

MSC Cruises - Terms and conditions
MSC Cruises - Terms and conditions

Upon signing the Booking Form overleaf or by completion online and paying the required deposit, a contract (the “Contract”) will come into existence between the Carrier and each intending passenger named in the Booking Form (each of whom is a “Passenger”) on the terms of these Conditions. The person signing the Booking Form or completing the online version warrants that he or she has the authority to bind each Passenger (including any Minor) to the Contract and indemnifies the Carrier against any loss or damage arising from a breach of that warranty. 

These Conditions set out the terms that govern the relationship, responsibilities and liabilities as between the Passenger and the Carrier and are BINDING ON THE PARTIES. These Conditions will also apply where the vessel is being used as a floating hotel and whether or not there is any carriage. You must carefully read these Conditions which set out your rights, responsibilities and limitations to make claims against the Carrier, its servants and/or agents. The Company’s liability is limited as set out in Clause 19. 

Set out is a Disclosure Statement, please read and consider these disclosures prior to proceeding with your booking. Click to download