Great Stirrup Cay cruise

Great Stirrup Cay cruise
Enjoy a dip and a cocktail
For many, a cruise to the Great Stirrup Cay in Berry Islands represents a perfect holiday to am archetypical Caribbean uninhabited island, the kind you imagine yourself on when asked the classic question “If you were on a deserted island...”
The only difference is that throughout your day on the Great Stirrup Cay, once disembarked from your MSC cruise ship, you will be able to not only laze under the sun in comfortable sun beds or directly on the fine, white sand, but also to participate in all of the typical beach and water activities in and by the turquoise waters washing the island: snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, and the fun standup paddle boarding (paddling along the ocean surfing using a long paddle while standing on a surfboard, SUP).
On land, you will find a bar with experienced staff, who can prepare refreshing beverages and all types of cocktails, as well as a BBQ area, Ping-Pong tables, and classic and beach volleyball courts. A shopping area and child areas, as well as restricted-access beaches are also included in your Caribbean holiday in the Bahamas. Even

Cruises from / to Great Stirrup Cay in 2024


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