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MSC Sleeping Experience

MSC Cruises has launched a pilot programme with the support of its partner, the European Sleep Center (ESC), designed to help you to discover or rediscover the key elements in sleeping well to improve your welbeing and quality of life both on board and beyond. Because an MSC cruise is of course more than a unique, authentic and enriching escape that lasts a few days. It's also the memories and experiences you take back home and share with your loved ones. So we sincerely hope this Enhanced Sleep Programme will not only help you enjoy your cruise even more, but also energise you to keep on enhancing your lifestyle at home.

MSC In-Cabin Amenities

Enhance the quality of your sleep on board an MSC cabin 


Physical Activity

A certain amount of physical activity is required during the day to trigger a restful night, especially of deep slow-wave sleep. Whether you're living it up on the dance floor or on an active excursion, we suggest you do 30 to 40 minutes of cardiovascular activity during the day at between 60 and 85% of your maximum heart rate*.


*Maximum HR = 220 - your age



The quality of our food influences our alertness and sleep quality.
Quality and variety are much more important than quantity.