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Make The Magic Last A Little Longer

One of the joys of cruising is the chance to discover enchanting new destinations in comfort and style. At each port of call, our excursions offer you the most memorable experiences in the most fascinating places, accompanied by experienced, professional personnel. To get more for less from your time ashore, why not take advantage of our Excursions Explorer Package? The package comprises three of the best excursions* available on each cruise at one very attractive price. Please note that this is a limited availability offer and is valid only on selected departures**.

*Excursions Explorer Package cannot be modified or refunded. In the event of one or more excursions being cancelled by MSC Cruises, the offer is not applicable to other excursions different from those included in the package.

**The Excursions Explorer Package is available on selected departures for the following destinations: Mediterranean, Northern Europe, MSC Grand Voyages, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman, Caribbean, Cuba & Antilles, South America.

Make The Magic Last A Little Longer

Excursions, Explorer Package | MSC Cruises

Please see below for an example of the Excursions Explorer Package:



Excursions in Genoa, Barcelona, Malta.

 Price is per person/cruise
(Age ≥ 14)
(Age < 14)
 € 131  € 105


For all our destinations, the term “Children” refers to Guests between 2 and 13 years old, while “Adults” refers to Guests of 14 years and over.

Excursions, Explorer Package | MSC Cruises
*Prices shown in the personal area are already discounted

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