MSC Grand Voyages

Transatlantic voyages, a journey across the continents
Travelling the world by ship, it’s a way of life
A life changing experience

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MSC Grand Voyages

Exploring the planet, lulled by the waves of the most beautiful seas in the world.

MSC Grand Voyages aren’t just a simple cruise, but an unexpected experience, which will give you the opportunity to visit splendid locations, rich in history and culture, in contact with nature and local traditions. A transatlantic voyage, a journey between the continents, from Europe to the Americas, all the way to Africa and Asia.

Take time out in this unique and always new adventure: let yourself be carried by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean to land in glamorous Florida, via the brightly coloured Caribbean Islands. Brazil and Venezuela, the coasts of Africa, in the mild climate of the Mediterranean,  wild Australia and fascinating Asia. It’s beauty that comes to you.

The chance to explore distant worlds is in itself part of the fun. During the cruise, inself, you will have plenty of time to dedicate to yourself and relaxaton, allowing yourself to be pampered by the ship’s discreet personnel. Without forgetting the entertainment, the sports and full culinary full immersion.

An MSC Grand Voyages is a present that you can give yourself and your loved ones, to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world and learn about their traditions, without stress and with the comfort and privileges that only a cruise can offer. Because choosing to travel by ship is not just an option, it’s a way of life.




Make your cruise even more special

Make your cruise even more special

Carefully curated and led by multilingual guides to enrich your experience and provide genuine insight into each new culture, these excursions* are the perfect way to visit some of the most interesting spots on the planet.

*included excursions amount depending on the market terms & conditions


High quality themed menu with a different menu selection every day

On-board treats include delicious food inspired by each new destination. Continue your tour of discovery with full themed menus that change every evening to reflect the culinary traditions from countries and regions around the world, such as Mediterranean, Arabian, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, Turkish and many more. 

The Buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks.
High quality themed menu with a different menu selection every day

Day Activities

Enjoy fun new experiences around the clock on an MSC Cruises' ship

Enjoy fun new experiences around the clock on an MSC Cruises' ship

You’ll find plenty of entertainment on board your ship, browsing the on-board shops, playing tennis or going bowling, getting busy with various creative activities such as arts & crafts, painting and origami. You can also attend dance classes, entertaining lectures on the next port of call or topics like the stars at night*.

Or simply spend some time relaxing poolside.

*all activities depending on availability

Night Activities

A world of glamour and imagination, music and spectacle that moves and enthralls

In the evenings, enjoy our Broadway-style shows. MSC Grand Voyage immerses you in the distinctive music of the lands you visit, with musicians coming from more than 35 countries, each of them bringing their skill and flavour to the music mood, such as Argentina’s tangoBrazil’s axésamba and forró, Caribbean music and many more. 
Enjoy listening to pop styles, jazz, swing and Latin American bands, folk music, virtuoso violin and piano concerts. Be mesmerized by our tributes to all-time music legends or enjoy our musicians’ jam sessions. And should you wish to try your luck, you can pay the on-board casino a visit.
A world of glamour and imagination, music and spectacle that moves and enthralls

Spa & Sport

Enjoy time off on your cruise

Enjoy time off on your cruise

An MSC Grand Voyage brings you the leisure time and the facilities to relax thanks to our Balinese spa at sea or maintain and build your fitness thanks to a wide choice of Sports Facilities with fabulous sea views. 

The MSC Aurea Spa boasts an exotic interior of natural stone, precious woods and rich mosaics, and is equipped with specific and massage treatment suites.

Relax and let yourself be pampered by the discreet staff of the ship, or gear up with the power walking and jogging track on deck to get your daily exercise or visit the gym for a personal workout, whatever you want to do you will find it on board.

MSC Yacht Club

A cruise experience like no other

If the utmost in privacy and exceptional service are key to your cruising pleasure, the MSC Yacht Club, a secluded haven on the prestigious foredecks of our ships, will be ideal for you. 

Savour 24/7 service from your personal butler, sleep in personalised comfort and dine in a private gourmet restaurant with expertly-selected complimentary wine. 

The MSC Yacht Club is in a class of its own that simultaneously offers constant access to the immense variety of sports, leisure and world-class entertainment that distinguishes every MSC Cruises ship.

The MSC Yacht club is available on the MSC Grandiosa, MSC Seaview, MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia.

A cruise experience like no other

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