Summertime in the Caribbean? A secret to savour.


Despite what the experts say on the subject, in most cities across the world there really are only two temperatures we have to deal with each year: Hot or cold. Winter has its own set of rules but you know summer is on its way when the weather heats up and work slows down. And the longer the days get, the more we need a vacation to get away from it all. 

But where to go? To the Caribbean, of course!
One of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean is that the summer trade winds and island breezes provide simply divine holiday conditions all year round.
From the history-rich capital of Nassau to the laid-back charm of the Cayman Islands, from Tortola with its powdery-white sand beaches and ancient ruins and Puerto Limon on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, we have hand-picked some of nature’s most breath-taking destinations that will delight your senses with bright colours, seductive scents, exotic flavours and one of the most pleasant climates all year round.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and join us this summer on a discovery of the Bahamas and beyond on board MSC Divina, one of our most modern and large ships and now permanently stationed in this corner of paradise.
Inspired by Sophia Loren, MSC Divina brings you all the elegance and glamour of the golden age of cruise lines in an ecological new way.
On board you’ll find every modern comfort, a variety of sports, leisure facilities and world-class entertainment, including Kids and Teen Clubs to ensure everyone’s happy.
With stops at Miami, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico MSC Divina affords a delicious taste of paradise from a privileged point of view.
Summertime in the Caribbean is not just any summer holiday to just any destination. Because this is an MSC summer cruise.

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