Don’t let it snow. Escape to the sea and discover the secret warmth of Christmas.

Thank God it’s Christmas. That means the whole word is on vacation, not just our cozy, freezing Europe. We’re talking about the Mediterranean, Morocco, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East etc. 

And all those places have a lot more than ever-warm weather to surprise you with all you need to do to find out is hop on one of our Christmas cruises and enjoy the delights of Christmas and New Year in a whole new corner of the world, meeting new cultures and customs!
MSC Cruises on Christmas are truly unique.

First of all, the Christmas decorations are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’ll just want to be on the deck all the time, to witness the glorious set-ups we’ve been perfecting over years of sailing.
It’s not Christmas without a Christmas market, one that fears no comparison with the world’s most famous ones.
Additionally, being on an MSC cruise ship on Christmas is a great occasion to indulge in the best festive culinary traditions, especially the grand Italian Christmas meals.
We also have in plan a lot of fun activities for your kids: Christmas Parades, Family Disco, Teens’ Talent Show, Flashmobs and even a Christmas Prom! Look out for Santa delivering fantastic Chicco® or LEGO® gifts!

All of this leads up to our grandest celebration: New Years Eve. But no words can describe it, so you better check it out yourself. You might run into a celebrity, who’d then probably give a show for you and all your friends on board, while fireworks light up Copacabana and a fresh breeze caresses your most summer-like Winter ever.

In a nutshell, we’ll know we’ve done a good job once you tell us: “I don’t wanna go back home!”. Until then, let us amaze, pamper, and entertain you!

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