The great thing about a cruise is that its enjoyment lasts a lot longer than the duration of the trip. However, it doesn’t last forever: the flame must be kept alive.

That’s why MSC invites all of you to join the MSC Voyagers Club, the best way to plan your next vacation at ease.

Launching July 19th, the Voyagers Club will be your very compass to pick where, when, and what you want to indulge in.

The Club is not just another loyalty points collection: it’s an ever-changing, ongoing experience of its own, with routes constantly evolving to satisfy your curiosity (just take a look at the Grand Voyages…) and inspire you to just get up and go with unbelievable, exclusive discount offers.

Whether you always dreamt of crossing the Atlantic following Columbus’ way (just a lot more comfortable) or reaching the Far East by sea, the Voyagers Club has literally everything you need to know, organize, and book before you leave.

Don’t miss out on the Voyages Selections as well, select departures at a very competitive price, with cruises designed to open up new horizons for you, enjoying life at its finest, and making friends with fellow travellers from all over the world.

Last but not least, it’s open and free to join- once you book your first cruise, you can already start earning points towards your next unforgettable holiday on board.

Discover all new MSC Voyagers Club features on msccruises.com