Are you a loyalty program member of Hotels, Cruise lines or Tour Operators? Discover MSC Status Match!

All new clients in possession of a loyalty card from other leading travel reward programmes* will be able to join the  MSC Voyagers Club  at a similar or higher level than their current status**. They will also receive a 5% discount on any NEW bookings made once status match is confirmed.

If you are already in possession of a privilege card from a mainstream leisure travel programme, you will be able to join the MSC Voyagers Club for free, receiving a matching status card from either our Classic, Silver, Gold and Black tiers, allowing you to enjoy the equivalent discounts and inclusions as you cruise.
Take advantage of our new programme to discover the world of MSC Cruises, by simply filling in the below form!

Here some of the privileges MSC Voyagers Club members will enjoy during the cruise:

- Priority boarding
- Bottle of spumante in cabin
- Courtesy toweling bathrobe
- Access ti the thermal area session
- Complimentary specialty restaurant dinner

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*MSC Cruises will only consider benefit cards from other Cruising companies, selected Hotels and/or Tour Operators. Airline Company benefit cards are excluded.
** Matching is carried out by comparing as much as reasonably possible the level of benefits guaranteed from the external travel programme benefit card with those offered by the MSC Voyagers Club cards (Conversion will be executed by MSC Cruises based on objective criteria and may only be done once per consumer). Status match offers the MSC Voyager club benefits of the MSC card at the equivalent level of the status card it does not match inclusions.

Status Match registration is only available for passengers over the age of 18 years of age. It is not possible to register during the cruise.
Customers will physically receive their membership card once on-board during their first cruise with MSC Cruises. It is not possible to combine MSC Voyagers Club points with points from the benefit card data of other cruise companies. If you have benefit cards with multiple companies, you will have to choose which card to use to take part in the promotion and once you have been status match you have three years to use the membership from MSC or it will be expired. The MSC Voyagers Club card and membership will be subject to the terms and conditions of the MSC Voyagers Club.
A copy of the MSC Voyagers Club T&Cs is available on this website or can be provided via your travel agent. MSC Cruises reserves the right to reject any Status Match Request without any legal ramifications for legitimate reasons and to stop this programme at any time.
MSC employees may not take part in the Status Match Programme.