MSC Voyagers Club

What is MSC Voyagers Club?

Discover our loyalty programme!

Being an MSC Voyagers Club member means entering a world of privileges that will continue to grow the more you cruise with us. This is our way of saying thank you to loyal guests who share our passion for discovery and keep joining us, year after year. Register and you will receive exclusive privileges, including a 5% discount on your cruise fare. If you have sailed with us since 2006 or have a confirmed booking, apply now. It's free.
Discover our loyalty programme!


Cruise to anywhere you dream

Cruise to anywhere you dream

Book in advance and get the best from your MSC Voyagers Club membership: on all cruise departures*, at MSC Cruises we offer exclusive discounts for members only.

  • Book more than 12 months before departure to get an extra +5% discount + double points**
  • Book more than 6 months before departure for a +5% discount
  • Only for Silver, Gold or Diamond member, receive additional €50 onboard credit per person when you book more than 9 months in advance.

    For more info visit our dedicated page.

    *World Cruises excluded
    **Points will be assigned at the end of the cruise.


Discover our loyalty programme!

Hurry! This offer sails away on June 30th

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Discover our loyalty programme!

Become a Member

Join up to 3 days before your cruise!

Register for free in the MSC Voyagers Club to enter a world of privileges that will make your cruises even more unforgettable. We will contact you via email to let you know our latest offers and cruise products that we think might be of interest to you.

Join before the cruise and earn 100 bonus points!

Membership Levels



There are five membership levels to progress through: Welcome, Classic, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Each time you cruise with us, you will earn points and as your points grow, so do your privileges and status. Don’t forget to provide your membership number at the time of booking to ensure you receive your benefits! MSC Voyagers Club membership is subject to a minimum of one cruise every three years. If no cruise has been completed in three years after the enrolment date or your last disembarkation date, your membership will expire. Should your membership expire, you must subscribe again: you will be assigned the Classic status and a new Club identification number. Log-in to your personal area to check out your points and membership expiry date.

Voyagers Club Terms & Conditions

Health and Safety protocols require that we make some changes to club benefits provided onboard during this phase, more information will be available onboard

Membership privileges

MSC Voyagers club members’ cruise discount valid all year round (extendable to cabin occupants) 5% 5% 5% 5%
Voyagers Exclusives on all departures* for bookings made until 6 months before departure (on board credit p.p on all departures* for bookings made until 9 months before departure) *Consult the T&Cs for more information 5+5% 5+5% + €/$50 onboard credit 5+5%+ €/$50 onboard credit 5+5% + €/$50 onboard credit
MSC Voyagers luggage identification tags (Members only)
Priority boarding (extendable to cabin occupants)
MSC Voyagers club special e-newsletter (members only)
MSC Voyagers Club online private area (members only)
MSC Ambassador (online poll) (members only)
MSC Voyagers Club card (Members only)
MSC Voyagers Club infopoint (All Guests)
Welcome back cocktail party (Members + 1 Guest)
MSC Voyagers Club dedicated number
Milestone reward (tier upgrade pin delivered onboard) (members only)
One-hour thermal area session (once per cruise-members only)
MSC Voyagers Club gift (members only)
Priority access to tender boat in ports where it is required (extendable to cabin occupants)
MSC Voyagers club photo at the restaurant (members only)
Specialty restaurant dinner (No Beverages - Members + 1 Guest of the same cabin NO DIAMOND member)
Birthday cake (Members only)
Spumante with macarons in cabin (1 per Cabin per Cruise)
Courtesy toweling bathrobe and slippers (Members only)
Dancing class (Members only)
MSC Voyagers club diamond party (Members + 1 Guest)
Dancing class (Members only)
Sweet Chocolate Gift (Members only)
Late cabin check-out disembarkation (Extendable to cabin occupants)
Picture discount 10% 20% 30% 40%
Digital accessories 5% 10% 15% 20%
Wifi Package discount: Browse Cruise -Browse & Stream Cruise 5% 5% 10% 10%
50% discount on the F1 simulator
Discount on laundry 5% 10% 15%
Free Personal consultation Spa Doctor
10% Off for Thermal Area Cruise Pass
30% off on the fitness package (Body scan and 1h personal trainer to define the training program for the week)
30% Off on the second massage
MSC Shops discount: For each 50€ spent in any onboard shops you will benefit of 10€ discount, discount will be applied at the point of sale. Non-cumulative to other promotions available on board. Valid only the first day of your cruise (tobacco and electronics excluded).
10% discount on minibar!
Please download MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for full details on membership privileges

How to collect points

Discover all the ways to earn points with the MSC Voyagers Club

Each time you cruise with us, you will earn points to upgrade your membership level. You can collect points based on the type of MSC Experience purchased, onboard services prepaid before the cruise and onboard expenses. Points are credited at the end of the cruise, approximately ten days after the disembarkation date. Take a look at more details below.



Cruise under
6 days - 5 nights

Cruises from
6 to 10 days -
5 to 9 nights

Cruises of more than
10 days - 9 nights
Bella 200 points 500 points 700 points
Fantastica 400 points 700 points 1000 points
Aurea 600 points 1000 points 1500 points
MSC Yacht Club 800 points 1500 points 2000 points

As of May 27 2019, members who book a Voyages Selection departure will be credited double membership points for the type of Experience chosen. Points will be assigned at the end of the cruise.

2) ON BOARD SERVICES PREPAID BEFORE THE CRUISE: you earn 100 points every 150 €/$ on expenses made before the cruise on MSC packages and services included in the cruise booked*.

3) ON-BOARD EXPENSES: you earn 100 points for every 150 €/$ spent on board, excluding casino expenses. Points for onboard expenses (including pre-boarding purchased shipboard credit) will only be assigned to the MSC Voyagers Club cardholder making the final payment.

4) BONUS POINTS: Starting from 28 July 2017, it is possible to collect bonus points.

Members with an upcoming confirmed booking with MSC will receive 100 bonus points if they update or confirm their contact details (email, phone, mobile, address) up to 72 hours before sailing. Members can update or confirm the contact details in the MSC Voyagers Club online personal area or through the Web Check-in.
100 bonus points also apply to non-members with an upcoming confirmed booking with MSC who join the MSC Voyagers up to 72 hours before sailing.

*For currencies other than € euro, the currency conversion on purchase day will apply.
Discover all the ways to earn points with the MSC Voyagers Club

Members and MSC World Cruise

Book an MSC World Cruise and earn triple points!

Book an MSC World Cruise and earn triple points!

For such a unique voyage, we will credit triple membership points for the type of Experience chosen, as an exception at the time of booking, allowing MSC Voyagers Club members to enjoy all the added privileges right away! In addition, your Voyagers Club membership expiry date will be automatically extended by three years when booking your MSC World Cruise. 
This exclusive privilege is valid only for Classic, Silver, Gold and Diamond members who purchase an entire MSC World Cruise!

FAQ and T&C

If you have questions, we have answers
If you have questions, we have answers

New to MSC Voyagers Club? There’s a good chance you’ll find the information you’re looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions section, so why not give it a try?

Download MSC Voyagers Club T&C

Download MSC Voyagers Club FAQ