2025 cruises

Be inspired by our 2025 cruise selection


A world of wonder and lasting memories awaits you with MSC's cruise holidays in 2025. From the Caribbean to the Canary Islands, from the Greek islands to the Croatia, up to adventurous journeys in Northern Europe, South Africa, Asia and South America let yourself be inspired by our 2025 cruise itineraries.


For your couple's break, family holiday, or for an exciting adventure with friends, our cruises in 2025 are all to be savored. Wherever your desire to travel may take you, set sail on a journey of exciting discoveries, navigating through wonderful destinations in the comfort of MSC Cruises.

Best 2025 cruise destinations

Whether you prefer the warm Caribbean beaches or an adventurous cruise to the Canary Islands, a cherished journey in the Mediterranean Sea sailing among ancient cities and poignant isles, or the wild venture of Northern Europe, MSC Cruises has the right itinerary for your 2025 holiday. For the most eager explorers, unmissable cruises in JapanSouth Africa, and South America await you in 2025!

MSC World Cruise 2025

Do you dream of a marvelous journey around the world in 2025? Embark on MSC Magnifica from January to May and set off for the thrilling MSC World Cruise 2025 and discover 50 destinations across 5 continents!


What is the best time to go on a cruise in 2025?

Every season has its own beauty and its own feel that can be fully savored with a sensational cruise experience. For your 2025 holidays, MSC Cruises offers marvelous journeys all year round and you can easily find the right itinerary for every month and every season. From the exciting autumn colors to the sweet and mild spring slumber, from the serene summer sun to the crispness of winter horizons, every season is perfect for a cruise holiday. Plan your 2025 cruise now and prepare for a remarkable adventure.


What are the best 2025 cruise destinations?

There is plenty to explore in 2025 with MSC Cruises itineraries! Caribbean cruises are available year-round and will take you to stunning destinations such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel in Mexico, while also enjoying the magnificent beaches and turquoise waters of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas.

The Mediterranean can also be explored with MSC cruises throughout the entire 2025. You will be truly spoilt for choice, being able to visit the best coastal cities of Italy, Spain, France, as well as enjoy a wonderful cruise in the summer season choosing between Croatia and Greek islands like Corfu, Rhodes, or Mykonos. Many other Mediterranean cruises are available, from routes sailing from the southern coast of France and Spain to Lisbon, returning towards the beautiful Balearic Islands and Sardinia, or MSC Cruises itineraries in the eastern mediterranean sailing to Marseille, Barcelona, Tunis, Naples, and Sicily.

Another destination available throughout all of 2025 is Northern Europe, with itineraries to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Southampton, and Le Havre available from January to March, to fabulous Baltic and Norwegian Fjords cruises from April to August. While in June set sail on an epic Arctic adventure and discover the spoiling volcanic splendor of Iceland and Greenland’s icy landscapes.

With MSC Cruises there are many other destinations to choose from. From January to March embark on a fantastic cruise in the warm Canary Islands and Madeira where you can enjoy breathtaking views and the mild, pleasant weather of these magnificent Atlantic islands, to the modern charm of Abu Dhabi and Dubai you can explore with a wonderful Emirates cruise. Over the course of 2025, MSC Cruises takes you to discover other remarkable destinations, like Japan, South Africa, and South America.

Why should you book a cruise in 2025?

Are you unsure about booking your 2025 cruise, or maybe you've never cruised before and are wondering if it's the right vacation choice for you? There's always a good reason to choose a cruise holiday in 2025! An MSC cruise is a journey through dream destinations in comfort: whatever cabin accommodation you choose for your journey, you'll experience a voyage of leisure and relaxation.

During your cruise, meals are always included at the Buffet (for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day) and at the Main Restaurant (for your dinner). Included in every cruise is incredible entertainment and leisure activities for the whole family, as well as outdoor activities and onboard stores for your shopping. 

In every port, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of fantastic excursions that will take you to visit the main attractions of the cities or the immediate surroundings, thanks to our expert guides who will introduce you to the main landmarks like a true local.

When is the best time to book your 2025 cruise?

Feel free to secure your 2025 cruise booking whenever convenient for you, but please consider that booking in advance unlocks the Early Booking rate, ensuring significant savings on your cruise. To save on your 2025 cruise MSC Cruises also provides cruise deals, promotions and exclusive offers all year round.